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White Crowns for Children

It is great now that children have the option of all white crowns. In the past, stainless steel crowns were used and sometimes a stainless steel crown with a white facing was used for front teeth.

Our office uses Sprig fully white prefabricated ceramic crowns especially designed for children. These crowns are made of solid zirconia , a biocompatible material. From every angle, these crowns are extremely esthetic.

If a child has a cavity that is still small, the dentist can do a filling. When front teeth especially, develop a lot of decay, it is nice to have the option of a fully white crown. This option frees children from feeling self conscious and even from being teased by other children as they grow and wait for their grown up teeth to come in. Your child’s smile will look healthy and natural, while raising self confidence. These crowns can be used in both the front and the back of your Childs mouth.

These white crowns are more difficult to place, require special skill and can take more time to do. If a child needs multiple white crowns and the child has extensive decay, sometimes it is recommended to do treatment under general anesthesia.

Metal free, highly durable and aesthetically superior, make Sprig white crowns a wonderful choice for children.