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Types of Braces


Metal braces are better these days. Made of high-quality metal alloy, technology has made brackets smaller and more comfortable. Visits are less too, usually every 8 weeks between adjustments. Ties are used to hold the wire into the brackets and a rainbow of color options are available if you choose. These colors are changed out with every adjustment, so you can have all the color fun you want.


Clear braces reduce the look of metal in your mouth. If you or your teen are more concerned with the esthetics of having braces, ceramic brackets might be for you. This option is not usually a good choice for younger patients because clear brackets are more delicate and therefore easier to break. You also have to watch what you eat and drink because these brackets can stain. Colors can also be worn with these types of braces or you can stick with clear ties.


Rubber bands are a very important part of orthodontic treatment and most patients will wear them at some point in their treatment. These rubber bands are worn vertically between upper and lower jaw. Different patterns of wear are used to correct the position of the jaw and is coordinated with the moving of teeth. Together with braces or Invisalign, both jaw placement and teeth alignment are achieved.