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Self Esteem and your smile

It takes twelve muscles to smile and 113 to frown. There are so many important moments in a persons life that begin with a smile. A beautiful and healthy smile can effect many aspects of ones appearance and personality.

If you have a great smile already, you might take it for granted. There are many people, including teens, that feel the need to hide their smile. When crooked teeth, staining or missing teeth are the case, self esteem can be greatly impacted by this. A wonderful smile is linked to good self esteem and good self esteem is linked to happiness.

Not just straight teeth, but healthy teeth also plays a role in how we feel about our smiles. People who avoid going to the dentist have higher rates of gum disease, missing teeth, staining and over all poor hygiene. You and your family need to make it a priority for regular dental check ups with cleaning. Physical health can be effected by gum disease along with feeling self conscious about the appearance of your smile.

How can you improve your smile and your families too?

  • Go to the dentist twice a year for exam and cleaning
  • Brush 2 to 3 times a day and of course floss. Having a flosser in a convenient place like your car or your favorite chair by the TV can increase the chance of you doing it.
  • Get orthodontic treatment for crowding, spacing and/or bite issues. Make sure to wear your retainer at night for life!
  • Whiten your teeth with the many products available.
  • Cosmetic dentistry is a great option for some people that have certain concerns about their smile. Choose a dentist that is certified in this area.

Feel better about yourself and give your child the gift of a beautiful and healthy smile!