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Hospital Dentistry

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Most children tolerate dental treatment in a pediatric clinical setting well.  However, if your child is extremely anxious, is too young to sit still for the amount of work that needs to be done or has special health care needs, one of our pediatric dentists may recommend Hospital Dentistry at Children’s Hospital Colorado under general anesthesia.  Our pediatric dentists have operating privileges at Children’s Hospital Colorado, a US News and World Report ranked Top 10 Hospital.  During this type of dental visit, the hospital’s Anesthesiology team is present in the operating room to administer General Anesthesia while one of our pediatric dentists and assistants treat your child’s teeth.  This allows the child to painlessly, safely and without anxiety during treatment to have all dental work completed in one appointment.  After this appointment we will see your child back in our office for routine exams and cleanings. Our team can move forward with your child’s dental needs and continue to develop a positive relationship for years to come. Our pediatric team will go over everything with you from insurance to post op instructions if hospital dentistry is recommended for your child.