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Back to School tips on oral health


Back to school tips on packed lunches, snacks and a routine that includes good oral health habits

Our pediatric dental office is a staff full of mothers. We certainly understand the challenges of getting kids to eat healthy to maintain not only oral health but overall health. When grocery shopping for lunches and snacks remember to choose wisely. Take into account not only what tastes good but what is good for them as well.

Do pack:

  • fresh fruits
  • carrot and celery sticks with dressing for dipping fun
  • a zip lock bag full of high fiber unsweetened cereal
  • low fat popped pop corn
  • Dried fruit
  • low fat granola bars
  • bean dip, salsa and corn chips for scooping goodness
  • low fat yogurt tubes
  • high protein beef jerky
  • string cheeses
  • cinnamon apple sauce
  • low fat chocolate milk

While not all lunches and snacks will  be 100% healthy, avoid the following:

  • Capri Suns and other non nutritional juices. Pack real fruit juice with no added sugar. Limit natural juices as well due to natural sugars and acids. Use a straw to reduce acid contact on teeth.
  • Fruit snacks. We recommend cutting this type of snack out of child's diet completely.
  • Soda's, sports drinks and energy drinks. Teenagers especially love these types of beverages. The sugar and acid levels in these drinks are horrible for enamel and not to mention, are empty calories too. Diet soda's are bad for tooth enamel as well and also cause staining. 
  • Starchy, refined carbohydrates.
  • Cookies and candies


Going back to school and the importance of a brushing teeth routine for your child! 

If your child is starting preschool, now is the perfect time for them to start a brushing routine on their own. Morning and night after meals for two minutes each time. Make them feel like a really big kid by purchasing a tooth timer, handheld flossers, fluoride rinse and possibly a children's electric toothbrush that times them with music. Make part of learning to read also part of learning to brush their teeth. There are many fun dental books to include in their bedtime routine. 

click here for book ideas