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Getting braces off on time

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Your orthodontist will put together a treatment plan just for you. This treatment plan with include an estimate of time. There are things a patient can do to help with getting braces off on schedule. 

  • Coming to every appointment that patient is told to schedule
  • Keeping the teeth clean. Better oral hygiene can allow teeth to move quicker. 
  • Follow instructions given by the doctor and assistants. For example, wearing rubber bands if told to do so.
  • Stay away from certain foods that we tell you to. Such as sticky foods and hard foods. Chopping up solid foods like apples or hard crusted bread is recommended. This helps reduce broken brackets and wire damage.
  • Don't chew on things such as pencils or finger nails. Nervous habits like these or even playing with orthodontic rubber bands can prolong amount of time in treatment due to pushing teeth out of line.
  • Don't damage orthodontic appliances by chewing on ice, drinking soda/energy drinks, and eating sugary foods. These things can damage braces and sugary foods can cause tooth decay too.

Our team has a wooden nickel reward program for following instructions like these. Patients can save up these wooden nickels and choose from a handful of fun gift cards such as itunes and Target.